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Nominate a Nonprofit

Nominate a worthy cause

Submit a Nomination

Fill out the form below to submit your nomination for consideration. The organization will need to meet criteria explained here.

Nonprofit Also Applies

After you've nominated your nonprofit, make sure a representative from that organization fills out the Nonprofit Application. We will verify they meet our criteria and then they will be in the running!

How Nominations Work

  • MUST BE IN GOOD STANDING - You must be a member of 100 Plus Who Care of Clackamas County in good standing to nominate or vote. New members must wait one meeting and make their first semiannual donation prior to being eligible to nominate a non-profit.

  • SUBMIT A NOMINATION - Fill out the nomination form (found below) and have your nonprofit fill out their application (Click HERE for nonprofit application). Both application forms must be completed at least 4 weeks prior to the upcoming semiannual meeting.   ​​

  • WE VERIFY THE CHARITY’S TAX STATUS - We search the Organization's Tax ID number in federal and state databases to confirm their eligibility.

  • IF YOUR NOMINATION IS NOT DRAWN - It will remain in the hat for subsequent meetings until you ask us to remove it.

  • IF IT IS DRAWN BUT DOES NOT WIN - If your nomination is one of the three selected to present, but is not selected for the $10,000 this time, they can reapply in 12 months. 

  • IF YOUR NOMINATION WINS - If your nomination is selected to receive the $10,000, then their representative will be expected to return to our NEXT meeting to update us on how our donations have impacted them. In addition, they will have to wait 36 months before applying again. 

  • DONATIONS GIVEN DAY-OF - All cash or checks will be given to the winning charity the night of our semiannual meeting, and a photo will be taken for social media.

Nominate a Nonprofit

Please take a moment to fill out the nomination form.

"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give."

Winston S. Churchill

Become a Member

Join our team of likeminded people of Clackamas County, Oregon, who want to give back to their community!

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Members nominate a charity for consideration, and our group will vote on the winner at the upcoming meeting.

Nonprofits Apply

Nonprofits submit their application for consideration, after receiving a members nomination.

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