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Why is 100 Plus Who Care membership-based?

Our goal is to build a strong community of people who want to make a difference. In order to reach our fundraising goals of $10,000 each meeting, we rely on our members’ dedicated participation twice per year.

What does a membership commitment entail?

As a member of 100 Plus Who Care of Clackamas County, we are counting on you to make a $100 donation twice per year for the winning nonprofit voted on at the semiannual meeting.  Even if you were not able to be present to vote, we expect that you will still donate. That's it!

Who do I make my check out to?

Please leave the "Pay to the order of" section on your check, blank. The winning nonprofit will fill in their information to this section. 

Fill in the rest of the check as you normally would, and include "100+ Who Care" in the Memo. Sample check below:


What if I cannot make it to the next meeting?

Members are expected to make their donation of $100 twice per year, whether they can make the in-person meetings, or not. If you’re unable to attend the semiannual meeting, we ask that you send in your donation by one of three ways:

1. Mail your check:

Vanessa Zimmerman

Attn:100 Plus Who Care

PO Box 18

Canby, OR 97013

2. Give your check/cash to another member to deliver on your behalf to the meeting. Make sure the "Pay to the order of" section is blank!

3. Send in your donation directly to the winning charity as soon as they have been voted on.

Add "100 Plus Who Care" to the memo. Make sure the "Pay to the order of" section is blank!

What if we are a couple (married)?

New members should submit their own individual application, even if you will be attending with your spouse/partner to the meetings. 

You can make out a joint $200 check for a couple if that is simpler for you, but each individual member is responsible for their $100 donation at the semiannual meetings.

Can anyone nominate an organization to be considered?

Because we’re a giving circle, only members can nominate and present charities to receive funding from 100+ Who Care Clackamas County. You must attend at least 1 meeting before being eligible to nominate. Whether you’re a volunteer, a board member, or just an enthusiastic supporter of a local nonprofit, we want to hear from you!


What is the charity nomination process?

It’s easy! Simply complete the nonprofit nomination form, at least 4 weeks prior to the upcoming semiannual meeting. The three non-profits randomly chosen to present at our next meeting, will be notified three weeks prior to the meeting.

Sample Blank Check to Charity

"Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give."

Ben Carson

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